So Here We Go. Adventures into Learning Coding.

“The best laid plans of mice and men go oft astray”
Adapted from a line in “To a Mouse,” by Robert Burns

This quote, is one which I fully intend on sitting and concentrating on hard over the next five or so months.
I understand this will not be easy.
I understand this will be damn infuriating at times.
But I’m doing it anyway!

Having been unsure as to where I am going career wise for a while now, I have been working as as science technician for the past, gods, is it 8 years? Though it has been an easy fit, I would not describe the work as challenging, and I could not help but feel my brain trying to atrophy as I did not push it.

As such I am sailing out into deeper, more interesting waters, with greater rewards in their depths.

Having decided on this course, prior to Christmas ’19 and only really embarking on it in January ’20 I have been doing my best to throw myself at as many online courses as I could manage; FreecodeCamp( is my current avenue of choice, having gone through the learn course prework a short while back.

I have also taken to faffing about on Codewars(, which seems a great way to practise programming languages and get used to odd ways of going about tasks!

As I go through a number of different training courses, I am doing my best to remind myself of that quote when I hit a wall. Then having a big ol’ deep breath, taking 5 and going back at it.

Recently I have noticed that learning to Code is like putting together lego with gloves on.
To start with the gloves are really thick, clumsy and heavy and you cannot tell what the pieces are, but as time goes by the gloves get thinner and thinner making it easier to see what you are doing. Until hopefully, it will feel like you are barely wearing gloves at all.

I was originally to be on the Software engineering course within the London Campus, however what with the current global situation, the best laid plans have gone astray. As such I am now pursuing the Online variant. Who knows how things are going to go with the current uncertainty, however we can be pretty confident that the internet is not about to break…

So with that quote firmly stuck in the front of my mind. Let us embark, on this way out wacky race!

Old enough to have enjoyed Sid Miers Pirates on Windows 3.1 and deciding to delve out into more interesting waters.

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