Making things work

Like a person who has found three ways into a local aquifer but doesn’t understand why, “Well, Well, Well, whats going on here then.”

Week two into Coding bootcamp, and thus far I have not been completely bamboozled. Having done a fair ol’ chunk of prework for this (hammering it for a few months during lockdown) has helped. So say one thing for Covid, it at least gave me time where I couldn’t do anything but stay at home to help others.

Mind you, this has not left me bamboozle-free. At least a few times I have had mysterious Errors, something I have to learn to get better at hunting down and solving. So far, my robust and laborious process is comment out the old code and do my best to re-write one section at a time, till magically it works. I am fully aware this is fixing a leak by changing all the pipework. But at least its thus-far preventing me from taking on more water…

So then, apart from getting better at bug hunting and fixing, I’m going to start mulling CLi project ideas. Attempt to find a decent website I can think about scraping, that will let me (Binary bless you robot.txt). And then pondering how it all works!

Don’t mind my stream of consciousness, it can be rather rambling.

Dan out.

Old enough to have enjoyed Sid Miers Pirates on Windows 3.1 and deciding to delve out into more interesting waters.

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