I am a Nerd, an unashamed Nerd. With capital ’N’, as such dabbling with coding seemed somewhat of an inevitability! Its been an intense few weeks thus far, by my knowledge is expanding in a gloriously satisfying way.

Week 4 of Flatiron Bootcamp has rampaged around already, and here we are making an app of our own choosing. And this is how we come back to Dungeons and Dragons. The lovely people at Wizards of the Coast have made DnD 5th ed (at least the core books) open access. This is wonderful for many reasons, one being now I can get my grubby mitts on it and make something that I and others can use to get quick access to monster and spell information!

Using this here API https://www.dnd5eapi.co/ , I have been able to harness the sheer power of the internet and my growing programming skills to create something that actually works!

Thus far its functionality covers both monsters and spells, but who knows, I could even add classes and rules at a later date if I fancied keeping on playing with it.

I have made sure to throw a random function in there, because its:

  1. a fun way to test the code works
  2. always fun to randomly have something pop up :D

The format for presentation seems to be easily readable and since I added a little splash of colour (thanks to the gem Colorize). It makes it easy to fetch data from it.

The Spells menu follows the same format as monsters, however of course has very different options.

Thus far I am very content with its functionality, and I intend on using it myself to DM (Saves me fetching hundreds of spell cards for just in case situations or flicking through the book). However I am likely to continue to tinker over time.

This project challenged me on a few levels, but doing something I enjoyed really helped blast through those walls trying to stop me (There was a 4 hour stint hitting a wall, as I had pushed a single extra bit of data to the end of an array stopping everything from working), and I am really looking forward to using it myself, and hopefully providing a tool to help others to boot!



Old enough to have enjoyed Sid Miers Pirates on Windows 3.1 and deciding to delve out into more interesting waters.

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