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Recently, whilst chatting with friends, I heard about Cleo. You have to understand what conversations with me are like. I have a love for good-natured comedy, and I’m readily armed with a gif for every occasion. So of course my friends were going to tell me about a financial app that gives guidance by spitting gifs at you. I had a look, and it stood out in the field of financial apps as it’s aimed at younger folks, using memes and normal conversational language. The more I looked into both App and Company the more intrigued I became. …

No, no, not that Prime…

So, as promised here I am with the answer of how to get the sum of primes under a given number. JS and Ruby have very different ways of managing this, as before I will first approach the JS solution, then will go into the much swifter Ruby version.

So lets get into the JS shall we!

Well this is the story, all about how my sums got flipped, turned upside down. And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how to work out Common multiples in JavaSript.

Yeah doesn’t work so well. However nor does JS when doing either of these compared to Ruby. Needless to say its good to know how to do it in both!

So then lets have a gander at JS and getting the smallest common multiple, shall we?

In this case that is finding the smallest number that all numbers within a given range is…

I shall put an initial proviso here, everything I say from this point onwards is very subjective to my experience. However I hope that some of the following words will be beneficial!

So, one of the main things I will start by mentioning, I have recently graduated from the Flatiron School Online Software Engineering Bootcamp. I was originally intending on doing the course on site in the London Campus, however a rather significant pandemic arose, and quite sensibly they closed the campuses.

This left me in a bit of a pickle. Postpone till the campuses re-open or go all in…

So my friends, here we are, I have prospered under the teachings of Flatiron up to this point and now I have reached the final grand Hurrah. My 5th (and final) Module is upon us dear readers.

So my friends, join me on a journey. I shall take you back, back through the mists of time to three days ago. Where JavaScript classes were scary and foreign creatures, their purpose as clear as the Limpopo river to me (the muddy bits of it anyway).

Anyway, I’m gonna talk about JavaScript now. It’s project four time with Flatiron School, and having moved on from Ruby on Rails I have entered the fearsome lands of JS, where Semicolons once roamed wild across the plains.

For this project I wracked my brain, and having watched a lot of Avatar: The…

So here we are at the Rails Project stage, it feels like only yesterday I was doing simple addition programming and being wowed by it. Now I am making 11 model monsters with multiple has_many to has_many relationships.

What a lot can change in just a few months! I decided to take a different tack for this project and move away from Dungeons and Dragons, Instead I am now in the realm of designing a miniature game (a hybrid from two different rulesets I love). This is how we ask the question, how do you create a monster?

The answer…

Login Screen

So here we are nearing the end of Module 2 of the Online Flatiron Software Engineering course. This module has been going from basic use of SQlite all the way up to using it within Sinatra to make a fully functioning database with constructed GUI.

So I, like the nerd I am, decided to expand on my original CLI project or the monster and spells manager to create a spellbook manager for users. This would allow a logged in user to create spellbooks and populate them with either the pre-populated catalogue of 5e spells

Github link to the App:

I am a Nerd, an unashamed Nerd. With capital ’N’, as such dabbling with coding seemed somewhat of an inevitability! Its been an intense few weeks thus far, by my knowledge is expanding in a gloriously satisfying way.

Week 4 of Flatiron Bootcamp has rampaged around already, and here we are making an app of our own choosing. And this is how we come back to Dungeons and Dragons. The lovely people at Wizards of the Coast have made DnD 5th ed (at least the core books) open access. …

Making things work

Like a person who has found three ways into a local aquifer but doesn’t understand why, “Well, Well, Well, whats going on here then.”

Week two into Coding bootcamp, and thus far I have not been completely bamboozled. Having done a fair ol’ chunk of prework for this (hammering it for a few months during lockdown) has helped. So say one thing for Covid, it at least gave me time where I couldn’t do anything but stay at home to help others.

Mind you, this has not left me bamboozle-free. At least a few times I have had mysterious Errors…

Daniel Andrew

Old enough to have enjoyed Sid Miers Pirates on Windows 3.1 and deciding to delve out into more interesting waters.

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